Wormworld Saga Creativity Posts

If you haven’t checked out the Wormworld Saga by Daniel Lieske, I highly recommend it.
It’s a fascinating story of adventure fun for the whole family. I usually don’t review specific books on this site, but it has been getting a lot of attention and why I wanted to write the review was because of the artist’s portfolio journey for the last 10 years is accesible to the public and I wanted you to see it.

Art takes a long time to get right and another long time to know what to create. I hope you learn something from his journey. If you find out what to create quicker it will save you years creating things that no one wants. The good thing about that is that it will take you years to learn how to market it by then. And by that time people may actually want it again.

Art is fickle. This is an interesting webcomic format that you will admire upon first glance.

(I’ll not comment about his DONATE PAYPAL BUTTON)
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