Webcomic Marketing Masterclass Lies

Webcomic Marketing Masterclass with Phil Hampton’s Comic Academy

In going through some of Phil’s webcomic reviews I wanted to highlight a couple of things from the video tutorials that are LIES.

LIE #1 — If you are going to have a webcomic, you have to update it regularly. As seen in the Lack-a-Daisy webcomic tour. Phil points out that you DO NOT have to have regular updates to still maintain a massive fan following.

LIE #2 — Everyone will love your comic. As seen in the Bearmageddon Webcomic tour, not everyone will love your webcomic, and in fact there are many that are going to HATE IT! Focus on the people who love it!

LIE #3 — I can’t draw, I don’t have a chance at putting out a successful comic. The number one webcomic for 2004 and 2005 shows you, you can’t judge a comic by its cover. The truth is someone will love your comic and if someone loves it, maybe 20,000 someones will love it.

LIE #4 — I have to be ranked as the top webcomic on Google for anyone to find me. The truth is who cares if you don’t rank among webcomics? If you own the entire search engine for one particular word, you have it made.

LIE #5 — You don’t make any money in comics. The truth is that when people see your comic, they become your fan and they will feed, clothe, and house you.

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