How To Visualize Your Narrative Art Comic Book Marketing Career

Episode 20 – Eric

Friday Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR.
How to Visualize Your Narrative Art Marketing Career

We have to visualize a Narrative Art Comic Book Career. This entails stripping down the old you and building up a new you. It means it doesn’t stay stagnant. We can look to critiques as an example of this. Everyone is intent on making a habit of critiquing projects heavily. But what about you and your career? Do you even have anything to critique? Put your stuff out there and get some feedback.

“Now that we have the bike, we can start getting an image of what we want the bike to look like.”

It is very hard to get your audience to visualize what you want unless you can give them familiarity with what it is they already know. If you are going to show your work to a Marvel or DC editor, you have to show them why you will make their creations come alive better than they can do it. Can you outdo DC?

If you are going to your idea to narrative art comic book fans, how will you engage them? How will you capture their attention? You want to show them exactly what they have already. Then show them what the changes will be and how that improvement in their lives will be better for than their current situation.

The Devil is in the Details.

“I want color schemes, part numbers.” “What I would like to see is in 2 weeks, have your whole idea locked down.”

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. Be specific about the targets you want out of life. If you can’t visualize it, no one else will. This is a good lesson to teach your client’s as well.