How to Handle the Ups and Downs of the Narrative Art Comic Book Market


Friday Failure Club — FACE YOUR FEAR

Goal:have a paid stand-up gig in front of 200 people.

What’s your goal? To draw for Marvel or DC? To be a top line producer? To sell your webcomic for millions of dollars. This week Meg showcases the struggle it takes to keep going when things get tough. As Meg looks to get through her failures. We will see, it’s not too far from us who are trying to reach for the stars will see, well before we are cashing in hundred dollar bills from our narrative art career.

“Every open mic night is different.”

Every editor. Every job. Every series. Every script. All is unique. There is something about each one that will push you further and you have new challenges that you didn’t have before.

“I am focused on just getting up and doing rather than focusing on cutting-edge good stuff”

The only way to get really good at understanding how to operate and adapt to all these unique situations is not learning how to draw one thing really well, it’s about learning to adapt really well. To tackle anything that is thrown at you. Any script. Any reference. Learning how to handle the vast amount of change, can in itself be a talent. Those who handle it the best get more work.

“I don’t want to fail. I want to succeed. I guess I’ll just perform even if I don’t want to.”

Just keep moving. Keep producing content. It’s the only way to see if you will like this life you’ve created. It’s the only way you will see if you can produce the fruit from your labor. They say the people who eventually succeed are just the people who haven’t given up yet.
Just keep working and never give up. Persistence pays off. Persistence pays off. Persistence pays off. Persistence pays off. Persistence pays off.

“I’m not feeling very funny right now.”

The highs and low of the narrative art comic book world are astromical. It can be a profession you hate to love. The deadlines, the low pay, the enjoyment gets taken from it, the more pressure you put on yourself to succeed. Perhaps you would rather read the narrative art stories than produce them. Creators have good days and creators have bad days. As long as the good days outweigh the bad days, you are in the right position.

“I’m doing something that I enjoy, but I make it harder than it has to be.”

It doesn’t have to be so hard. The shortest way to you destination is a straight line. If you don’t know how to do something get help. If you do know how to do something get better and be better than anyone else. If you want to try to market yourself or develop more teams that will make it easier on you to accomplish your goals, you may want to download Dream Streaming Teams.