Unemployment Is For the Rich

Most of us have been affected in some way by the economy. I read of lay-offs and downsizing. I read of people, family, friends, all trying to help each other just get by. It seems like everybody knows of at least one person, if it has not hit you personally, that has had their income affected dramatically by unemployment. Executives of companies are working as fry cooks and cable guys just to pay the bills for the family. Former President Clinton is even meeting with President Obama and Joe Biden with business leaders today to create new jobs for the private sector and enhance “green” jobs. Is creating jobs really the right answer?

Think about it. Even the winner of a JOB, gets a salary cap, gets to be away from their family for most of their life, and gets to promote a company plan, plus you have someone tell you when you can come in and tell you when to leave. If this is you, and you love your job, more power to you. The gifts can be rather enticing from the Siren’s song–healthcare benefits which you get from any independent source, retirement which is not even likely any more, and company stock options which are as risky as the market.

Honestly, if you are in your perfect job, that you love and you are living out your passion daily, and they are taking care of you by paying an honest days pay for an honest days work doing something you love, there is nothing I will be able to say that will break you free. Why would you want to? They have provided enough false sense of security that will have you happily engaging their ideas for hopefully a long time to come. But if you haven’t lived that passionate life through your work, or gotten a perfect job, or you don’t have the skills to compete with the leaders in your industry, what can you do?

What is our innate reaction? Go back to school and get another career? Do you really want to go back to school, racking up an additional 15-30K in loans for the next 2 or 3 years that you may or may not even get with all the competition that is out there? People have paid thousands in school bills to get jobs that no longer exist. Or have downsized their businesses to nothing. Or the business just takes flight and leaves. What about you? Do you get through college and want to change fields not knowing what it is you want to do or be, or never use their degree because life gets in the way? What a waste of time, money, and resources! We don’t want to work for the next stage of our life like we worked the last stage. The education you received the first time landed you in a time consuming job that put you on a company walk, a company check, and promoted someone else’s ideas. To be a truly great society, we must stop this cycle.

There is a way out. Many are seeing it. And that is my hope. Believe in yourself. You will see it, too.