Top Seven Reasons To Market Your Comic or Graphic Novel Online

I have been reading as many marketing books out there on marketing comic books as I can get my hands on. I really want to know what is out there for the vast majority of people to get their hands on. Education is critical to give rise to movements that will last more than a single generation. So far there is a gaping hole in the comic book world for great marketing books that will be able to take the establishment out of their existing norm and force, propel, or launch the narrative art medium into common household usage.

HINT: Providing useful marketing knowledge to a comic book crowd is a wide open niche if someone with the right mentality want to create such a thing!

The books I have been reading are not that old. In fact the pace at which thing move today are so quick that almost any book about online marketing is quick to be out of date within a couple of years…much is the problem with reading books about case studies. However, in a broader, worldwide historical sense, they do tend to add a lot to the history of the development of a media.

In a recent book I’m reading (which I’ll review in detail at a later time) there is a notion that comic book companies, particularly the comic book shops, are afraid of entering the online world for fear of selling printed comics at their stores as well as digital comics.

With the recent advances in technology as with the ipad, and social media growing, many more publishers now moving to online environments. I was wondering if comic book shop owners are still afraid to move online. Or if that mentality has changed so that no one gives it a second thought anymore. In some recent blog postings, conventions and interviews I have read, I still see an unsettling in the industry and a lot of fear still remains.

The plus-side is I have also seen some shops now offering digital comics to buy right along side the printed versions, so I know not all shops are neglecting these avenues.

In the post today, I wanted to alleviate fear for all those creators, publishers, comic book shop owners that may be fearful of what the future holds and assure you that on-line digital content is the way to go.

Top Seven Reasons To Market Your Comic or Graphic Novel Online

1. WorldWide Market Share–Numbers equals money. It’s that simple. If people know what you have to offer and you can cater to their needs you will get the money. The internet allows for people to see what you have who have never thought about going into a comic book shop. Open the world to them.

2. Local Specific Geographic Location Many people in your own town don’t even know that your comic book shop or your comic even exist. When people are drawn to a particular comic you want them to know that they can come to a store and look at the comic. Touch it, read it. and they will have someone to talk to and answer their questions. The internet allows for targeted specific customers in your local town.

3. More views equals more fans– The more people read the books and interact with them (even for FREE), the more fans will be created. This means the industry as a whole will increase in more readers, and people being exposed to the narrative art media. Again more fans = more money.

4. Social Engagement — Twitter and Facebook. This is pointless to say probably for everyone reading this, however, to be thorough and for those who may be new to online marketing, I’ll briefly touch on this. Social media has always been around. It’s called word-of-mouth. It  is a very powerful tool. People talk about things worth talking about with their friends. These 2 social network sites, take that notion and put it on steroids. And as any dream of a local comic shop owner, knowing that he/she can create local, specific, targeted launches for the people in a specific geographic location should be all you need to make that jump to the online world.

5. Specifically Targeted Buyers.– knowing that you can find a specific person online who lives in your area and who wants a new issue/back issue of whatever comic you may be in need of selling, certainly would make my mouth salivate.

6.Personal Attachment  –Knowing that with digital copies you buy only what is sold, you never have unsold issues. When you become the go-to guy or gal, for all comic related items for your particular customer in their particular interests, you have gained a buyer for life. You know them, they know you.

7.Controlled Distribution–you can send/ship your product to whoever you want. You control what they get, when they get it. They are able to purchase as many as they want and you can set automatic payment forms up so your customers never miss issues of their favorite interests. (think Netflix)

What are your thoughts? Are comic shops, publishers, creators in 2011 still afraid of embracing the internet as the savior of the brick and mortar business with all its wonders or is there still fear that the digital world will kill brick and mortar out of business?