Greetings, Fellow World Changers. You have one less day to live than you had yesterday. Make the most of today!

Can someone please explain to me this whole idea of “waiting?”

We know what this is. Waiting for our life to be better, waiting for that one person to call, waiting for the day when we will be a SUPERSTAR artist with adoring fans from all over the world.

We get all depressed if GOOD things DON’T happen. We say phrases like, “One day, things will turn around,” but they rarely do. It is as if we have been programmed to live a comatose life. You know how it happens. For fear of rejection, or lack of self confidence, you set things up in your life to be stable and secure, maybe have a wife, 2 kids, a dog, and a job. So you can’t get hurt in your “perfect safe zone”.

We get all depressed if BAD things DO happen. Life is going on in a pretty regular fashion, then your best friend is killed in a car wreck, your grandma gets cancer, your spouse leaves you for another person, or you lose your job. And fear of the unknown sets in.

We have to keep this in our head. There is nothing …. nothing… nothing… nothing… NOTHING… that should stop us from living life to our fullest expectation. Life is happening even now. Even in these really bad, depressing moments there is good moments happening–to us, for us, and all around us. Life is not all about us. It is our perception of the situation that has to change.

One of my favorite anonymous quotes is: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning how to dance in the rain.”

Small rain causes things to grow. Torrential rain can get rid of the unnecessary things in life. Use this time for growth. We will almost never grow as quickly as we can during the bad times.

Today is the ONLY day we have.
Take action to make your life better TODAY. Be the person you want to be TODAY. Enjoy TODAY.
Don’t wait! C’MON, LET’S DANCE!