Don’t Let the Passerby Pass You By the By-Pass

It is interesting how quick our lives can come in and out of contact with another person. One look. One glance. One pass. And sometimes people have found love at first sight…an aha moment… a lifelong friend. Paths of the passerby continue to cross all the time…at the grocery store…across the street…at the traffic light.

As summer approaches and school is getting out, I see a lot more people out running than a few months ago. I passed one gentleman running in the opposite direction as me. He looked strong, bold, confident in his run. As I probably looked worn out, out of shape, and sweating profusely. He said two words to me as he passed by. “Good job.”

Two little words that helped me go the other 3 miles back home more confidently, encouraged, and a little more satisfied for having had some connection in those 2 seconds.

Ever since then, whenever I meet anyone on the run, instead of smiling, or ignoring them, I say two little words, “good job.” Hopefully, it will give them the encouragement, and the satisfaction to keep going that little bit further and make their journey worthwhile.

So how about you? Do you lend a helping hand to the passerby in your world? or a fist?