How to Get Off Target on your Narrative Art Goals

Episode 34–Elizabeth

Failure Club — FACE YOUR FEAR

GOAL: I’d like to write a world famous Christmas song

“Why do you think an open MIC is important?”
“I live in a bubble.””I want to make sure I am as confident as I can be. There is no better way to do that than at an open mic.”

Artists want to perform that’s it. Can’t take that away from them. It’s in their heart. It’s in their mind. It’s in their soul. It’s to their detriment financially most times. But it is to their benefit emotionally and spiritually most times as well.

How do you get off target of your narrative art goals? Let your creative side influence you more than your business side.

“Why not just write in a studio, and get somebody else to perform it for you.”

I was wondering this myself. She seems to be getting off track. Performers just like to perform. I try to get artists to own the creative process and hire talent to produce their work for them, but for some reasons,¬†artists want to have their hand in the work. And they should to a certain extent, but to make the most of any endeavor. Get help whenever and wherever you can. People will do amazing work for money. Buy yourself a song–pay someone to write it for you. Pay someone to play it for you. BAM! World famous Christma song. It’s yours. You bought it.

This may be laughable that you could pay someone to create your narrative art idea, but it’s reality. You had the vision. You had the passion. You helped the entire project get started. Without you, it wouldn’t exist. Use whatever efforts you can to create something. Even if it means you never get to touch it. Sometimes, that the only way some things get accomplished.

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