How to See Tangible Results for Your Marketing Efforts

Many times when people put marketing campaigns together, they wonder if anything will ever come out of it. They hope and pray that some profit will come their way. They know what they would like to see happen but sometimes that never results in any benefit to either person–the customer or the marketer.  But then sometimes, there is that magic connection! That spark that just at the right moment, the marketer and the customer connect and magic happens. Here is what I mean.

Four months ago, since winning a Local Biggest Loser competition and pocketing $200, I put out my own product and marketed it to some of my facebook friends. Today was the last day of the competition. One of the people on my list lost 14% body fat down 26 pounds. The scary thing is that she is a diabetic and was taking 3 shots of insulin a day. She is now only taking 1 shot a day and hopes to lose more weight by the end of the year.

If I had not put my product out when I did, and she had not come across it when she did, can you imaginine where she would be at right now. Can you imagine if when given the opportunity to make a big change in her life, if she did not take action on it?

Now imagine if you are trying to sell your artwork, or your product to a person who desperately needs the gifts that you have to offer and you decide to not share your gift with that person. Or you do such a horrible job marketing your product that no one cares enough to take you up on your offer. You have just destroyed a chance to make a huge difference in someone’s life. You had the chance to connect and put yourself out there and make an impact on a person, who may in turn help many others by what you created together.

Don’t let this happen.

Share your gifts. Get good at learning marketing so we can make the world a better place. Give value. Don’t scam. Build Relationships. When you truly connect with your target audience and build a fan base of support, you truly will be rich in more ways than one. You share in life together. You make the journey worth going on.

There is always a direct correlation between your intentional efforts, and the results you see manifest in your daily life.