Super Mario Bros. Teaches How To Pay Your Bills

Reading a post from the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. I found it interesting how even in creating video games, you have to market to what your audience wants.

Did you ever wonder why there are coins in all the Super Mario Bros. games?

“We could have used fruit or something, but I thought that if fruit came out in place of turtles and crabs, the players would think they were in danger and run away. When I tried to think of something that anyone would definitely want if they saw it, I knew that money was just the thing!”   Miyamoto

Comic book creators want money too. It helps pay the bills, buys you food, and can enhance your skills and education. Keep getting those coins and investing in your skills to be the master of your craft. Get Money.

You can read the whole interview. This page about working together with a creative team is one of the best I’ve read.