How to Get Stronger in your Comic Book Narrative Art Career

Over the last month, we have looked at 3 of Ben Franklin’s Habits of 13 in which we call for a cleaner environment in MODERATION, TEMPERANCE, and TRANQUILITY.

I took these tasks on so I could focus on shaping my mind and body.

These results are surprisingly cleansing for me. It seemed every chance I got to go forward in these issues, my mind would think of a more ways to relax. Especially during spring break. I’m spending more time with my family and not focusing on work. It truly has helped me reenergize my batteries.

I tackled these subjects because I was ready for it, and after 4 weeks, and a lot of competition and helping others, I think I will keep going with the normal flow of my working out and show how I can embrace what I can grow to be.

I can’t wait to lose all the weight I need to this month and move forward with other things.

How do I get stronger in my Comic Book Career? I take time to reflect. Look back to where I was. Reevaluate where I’m going. Do this once a month at least, or you won’t know where you are when the storms settle down.