How Do I Stop Making Bad Decisions


On my way to being a top leader in the comic book business, I’m finding the rate of Action I take on something has a direct impact on my business. If I don’t take fast action and get something done, I can’t seem to deliver it.

I will spend my days, dragging out a product, revamping it over and over. I miss a lauch date and then I have to sit it down and can’t launch it out again for another year. This lack of action on my part is probably the single most thing I need to fix.

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been writing on this blog everyday. Not only to get my ideas down, track my journey, and maybe help some people out along the way. But to force myself to take quick action.

I am finding that I can type faster and write quicker when I get in the habit of continually doing it. In only an hour or two a week, I can write a quick post and have the whole week’s posts made. When I first started out. I was writing an hour or two for one post. Hopefully, this action will be beneficial to you and me.

As a production manager, my boss, had told me, when RED FLAGS come up, take fast action to tell him about it. I had a habit of thinking I could fix something and then he would find out when we had a lot less time to fix things than if we could have worked out some problems sooner.

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you needed to do something right in the moment. — maybe helping out that person on the street, or speaking up when someone is bullying your sister, or buying that¬†present for your wife¬†when it on sale and when you go back it is gone.

Fast action is a hard skill to attain. Being in tune with who you are and what you want will help you get in the habit of taking fast action.

We had a meeting once where we we taking nominations to put people of a group on a special project. One person was nominated and I knew this person should not be nominated. Right then, that one second, I had an opportunity to speak up. — —

— I said nothing. I took no action.

As it turned out, everyone voted for 5 people out of the 10 nominated. This man made it on the final project by being one of the 5 and then he ended up being the elected as the leader of the group on the project. This one moment was a disaster for me.

Would anything be different if I had spoken out. Probably not. Except I would have been strenghened to make faster decisions in the future, instead of being weakened. The next time I am more apt to stay silent despite how much I hate it, because I have started developing a habit or pattern of not taking action.

I must take action to develop a habit of taking quick action. It is the only thing to break the pattern.

To stop making bad decisions:
1. Know who you are
2. Know what you want.
3. Take action to get what you want.
4. Avoid decisions that do not get you what you want. (This is step is not needed if you do #3)

What do you want? What are you going to give yourself permission to fail at? How fast are you going to start taking ACTION!

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