How To Stop Lying To Yourself about your Comic Career

Have you ever thought to yourself that you just won’t be able to make it in your comic book career. Have you thought about that today might be the day to give up? Or have you thought that no matter how much progress you make you just aren’t getting where you need to go?

Ben Franklin’s Autobiography teaches 13 habits in which one should perform to be a “good” human being. My focus has been on three traits which will help improve our comic creator work environment to our comic book carreers.

Last week we looked at how we could bring order to our surroundings. This week we’ll look out how to bring order internally.

2. RESOLUTION– Resolve to perform what you ought, perform without fail what you resolve.

A sure-fire way to stop lying to yourself about you comic book career is to systematically do what you say you are going to do. How many of us tell ourselves that we will work 2 hours today on your comics, and then don’t?

What has helped me is to put a training schedule in place and say Mondays I will do this, Tuesdays I will do this, Wednesdays, I will do this, Thursdays I will do this, Fridays I will do this. Saturdays I will do this, Sundays I will do this.

At first, I really didn’t know what I would do on those days, because I didn’t know what I would want to do, or I didn’t know what would be beneficial to do. But as I started thinking, and understanding my purpose for living, and tried to find out what I really want to get out of this life, I find the things that interest me the most and put those things in place. Next I find that things that will I need to do that bring the most abundance. Finally, I leave just about everything else off that list.

For example, time with my family is very important so we block out Thursday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. No one interupts that time no matter what.

Next is business to provide the time for you guys. I write my blog posts on Friday or Sunday morning. And do all my other work…building products… generating traffic etc. on Monday through Friday morning.

I have built in time to run, but my knee is hurt and can’t do that right now. but when it get’s better, I’ll be able to drop it in the schedule no problem. At night I journal. or read, or learn something new.

While at my “paying the bills” job, I answer emails on break, think about the future of discipledeep and my posts for the week.

What I don’t do is… look at the mail, look at email, answer the phone, chit chat mindlessly. Focus on things that are negative and try to bring me down telling me, I’m not good enough, or that I’ll never succeed. When you are doing what it is in your spirit to do, you are succeeding just by doing it. When you aren’t doing what you were built to do, you die.

Live life. Do what you say will do. Do not do what you say you will not do. Instead of lying to yourself about comics, you will be generating positive results to fulfilling your dreams of working in comic books.