How To Start Your Narrative Art Marketing Career


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How to Start your Narrative Art Marketing Career?

Start. Start. Start. Start.

Don’t start learning marketing. Don’t start learning publishing. Just get your feet wet and go. Plunge in. Throw caution to wind. start promoting your work. Here is great article on many ideas to be able to start marketing.

The biggest mistake that people make is wanting to learn everything at college or university. Four years of your life wasted. Just go do it. And learn whatever you need along the way. The second biggest mistake is going after too many things at once. Even though that is a great article above to inspire you on the possibilities. Just take one thing. Focus on that until you get it to work, then you can do something else.

If you really want to accomplish a lot, set yourself a target and go for it. I set a target to get a degree from a university. I achieved that. I set a target to get paid for my work instead of spending all my money on school. I achieved that. Now my target is to make a ton of money helping as many creatives as I can to get a lot of money in the narrative art industry and revelutionize the industry to be bigger than Japan. If you want to see this too, I suggest you start right here.