Should You Start Making Comics or Should You Quit?

I finished two really good books the other day, I’d like to recommend. They are by Seth Godin. They are pretty short and worth every penny. I got for about $7 each on It was worth it for just the tagline on some of the jackets. I’d like to share one thing I learned from each of them.

The first one I read was actually about QUITTING. It’s called “The Dip” (The book that teaches you how to quit). Here is the tagline I thought I was worth $7. Maybe it will get you thinking. “The old saying is wrong–winners do quit and quitters do win.”

Since I’m all about working less and getting more. This really resonated with me. If you are fed up with your comic book career and not knowing where to take it anymore. I would recommend this book. Maybe you should quit, or maybe you should stick it out. You won’t know until you read this book. It won’t tell you for sure. But it will give you some great things to think about that will help you make your decision easier.

I bought it because I figured I may need to quit. Going from a dream job to laid off and broke to now being an entrepreneur leader and investing some of my scarce resources to fulfill a viable career in marketing narrative art is not without its difficulties. I decided to stick.

Since then I always picked up a book called, “Poke The Box.” This book is about STARTING. If you are that person who has been sitting on the couch or not knowing what life has in store for you, or if you have just thought about quitting and needing a pick-me-up, this book is for you.

I want to share one thing from this book that resonated with me. “Creative people or those with something to say believe they have to be chosen.” They don’t.

You have a voice. You have a message. And people want to hear what you have to say. I can think of nothing more selfish than for us creatives to hold our beauty, creativeness, and explosive richness all to ourselves. We have to share our talents with the world. Your inside world will be better off.

I got this book because I needed to start something. I’ve been talking for a year about how I am going to change the comic book world. I have opened up some people’s eyes, but I haven’t really gotten the foothold needed to make a big enough impact in the comic book community.

That is about to change.