How to Spam Your Way To Comic Book Success

I got an email from a friend of mine recently who said I was scamming or spamming people with some of the things I say on my blog and my emails.

I’ve been listed on the URIBL black list a couple times because some people have thought that, too. And it is true that there are marketers out there that think this is a viable option for a business plan. I do not. I hate spam. I never spam anybody.

I just got a spam email today. They sent it out and hope that I may be one of the people who gets tricked into buying from them and then it’s off to the next sucker.

Does that make any sense to you as a viable business or marketing plan? Considering that the majority of business owners who want to stay in business base their success on repeat customers–the only way to get to 1000 loyal fans is to make sure they are continually coming back to buy from you. If you are scamming people, they won’t return. It’s just that simple.

Here is a comment: What I see happening is you dangling the thread of promises that you can’t fulfill to people who are desperate.

Here is my answer:

I know people are desperate. That is why I am doing what I’m doing. It is a way out.

I am dangling a thread of promises that I can fulfill. I’ve done it. The difference between me and anyone else that would make these claims is that I have the first hand experience of getting the checks.  I don’t have large amounts of time to waste on unsuccessful ventures. A friend of mine showed me a way that is working for people to help us get better contracts without all the time and expense.

I wonder what you think? Have people been spamming you to get you involved in the comic book industry to make a lot of money. How dreadful that would be. :-)