How Skottie Young Went from Nothing to Getting Hundreds of Fans

I can’t believe people get away with this.

Let’s spend thousands of dollars on untested technology and waste 4 years of my life. Sound good?

36 credit hours at $650 PER CREDIT HOUR

  • Introduction to ePublishing
  • Content Creation
  • Principles of Design for ePublishing
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Sales and Distribution

So here is what you pay: $23,400 for a what –degree in Digital Publishing.

The funny thing is that the trends that they teach are on the forefront of the technology and they haven’t even figured out everything yet. It changes every week. And it doesn’t do a world of good unless you APPLY this INFORMATION to getting your own CONTENT CREATED, ePUBLISH it, MARKET it and SELL it.

And the chances are that 99.99% of the marketing world is going to teach the wrong things—Look, they’ve even list in the way you need to learn these things…backwards.

In the time it takes you to learn how to do all this stuff, you could actually be making money instead  of trying to find out how to pay off this $23,000 + the expenses to go to this school, + the years of wasted time that you have to learn this material.

This makes no sense to me.

Instead of having to learn all this advice on someone else’s time, you get to learn it at a time convenient for you. If you do your best work at night, log on at night, and get the job done. Want to learn at 4:00 am, log on and soak it up. Your time= your freedom.

There are a couple of great alternatives…

I found this online school — that can show you exactly what you want in a quick time. And at a minimal cost. Check out this interview with Scottie Young to show you all some valuable talent and some valuable tips of using the social networks to make yourself an expert comic market…helping you be a better artist quicker and get ready to change the entire medium of art creators. Probably, one of the best interviews I’ve seen for changing the entire culture of comics.


You can get some great ideas and learn from some great people at

One thing they didn’t cover was how to get your project funded. If you want to get your project funded before you spend all your time making a product, download my free resource at the top right of this page.