The Shoes of a Comic Book Artist

I just recently rewatched Forrest Gump because I needed some motivation to keep running. It’s a pretty inspiring classic movie. I can’t say I can remember my first pair of shoes, but I am sure I’ll remember the shoes I have on right now. They are becoming a part of my journey as much as you are. These are not my “lucky” shoes. These are the pain-in-my-side shoes.

I think I got these shoes about 3 years ago.

7 years ago, I had started this change in my life several years ago. and I had developed this habit to everyday go running I missed it from my high school days, and it was a good stress reliever from work. But then, work became too stressful, production runs were high and I fell out of the habit.

5 years ago, I decided to take it up again, life had settled down, and I thought it good to start the habit again, I had never done any long term running for an extended period of days. Maybe 3 weeks or so, And this time I was dedicated to doing it at least 3 times a week. I ran about 3 miles a week for about 6 months. Then I just felt like I wasn’t getting anything out of it and I stopped the habit. To my detrimant. Some habits are worthwhile, even if seemingly we get nothing out of it.

3 years ago, I started getting in the habit again, of running, thinking that it would be in my best interest. I had a pretty good run, With in about 3weeks, I was able to run 4 miles without walking. I was starting to get my stride back and running well, Then I thought, I should by some new running shoes. So I bought the ones I have now. They weren’t broken in enough when I went running or something, and it hurt my leg so much that I could barely even walk on my foot for about 6 months. Ouch. So much for that.

For some reason, I never threw those shoes away and eventually, my leg healed up enough to walk on. I never went running again for about 3 years. But I kept the shoes. When I went out for this biggest loser competition. I was very careful about running because I didn’t want to twist my ankle again and mess up my leg. I wanted to see if these shoes would work now, where they wouldn’t work 3 years ago.

Today so far so good. Three days from weigh in and over 150 miles run in preparation for this competition, the shoes are falling apart. But do I throw them out before the final 26 mile marathon and win the local biggest loser competition? Nope. They’ve been with me this long, we’re here to the end. No cushion, no sole, and beat away from the trash heap, these shoes are like a friend to me. This is my weakness. I am very loyal to inanimate objects. Hopefully, they’ll stay with me as I have them.

So what does the company you keep, say about you? Do you have something that has been there with you through your comics journey? Favorite pen? Favorite cd? Favorite figurine? art table?

RUNNING WITH COMICS LESSON: People are more important than shoes.