The Pain of Self-Absorption Making Comic Book Narrative Art

Episode 22: IGNACIO

Friday Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR

Ignacio wants to open his own men’s line of clothing and open a modern day haberdashery. I thought I wouldn’t be able to relate to him, but there is so much happening in Ignacio’s mind, that he is actually a lot like me trying to find the most straight path to the goal. I get sidetracked often. Hopefully you and I will learn some lessons this week about targetted focus.

“So many options on your plate, you grab at anything that comes along.”

At times many things come at us all the time and we think this may be the right course, or that may be the right course, but when it comes down to it. None of it is the right course. Anything diverting you off your goal is just that — a diversion.

“Kickstarter proposal. Online fundraising proposal system.”

A lot of creators are using kickstarter to give them a kickstart and test the market. Why not? If no one likes your idea it is probably not very good. You either scratch it…or you can revamp it into something they do like. The latter is probably more appealing, because no one likes to think of their idea as bad. With good marketing, you can sell any bad idea, but why would you want to? You have to have a good idea and good marketing to make a difference in people’s lives.

“Once we have a base, we’ll be able to have them in all the stores of New York.”

Vision is a powerful motivator. If we all had the faith that everything we do would turn out well, it seems like we’d all be trying to make the  most of every opportunity we had.

“I do what I do, and I am doing exacty what I need to do.”

It is difficult to see how all the pieces connect from an outsider looking in. You are the entrepreneur. As long as you can see where you are going you have vision. The problem is if you can’t navigate that path for others to follow than no one can come along with you. And what a joyless ride that would be.