Exploring With Comics

Today’s Weight: 146 lb.
Goal Weight: 130 lb.
Days Left: 22

This is the first time I went running 12 miles on back-to-back days. Not a good idea. It only took 2 hours yesterday. Three hours today. Time to tone it back and work on some abs. Here’s the insightful posts today. I wonder what good posts I should start with. Well, forget that. This series is going to be a little rougher, a little
shorter, a little more to the point full of juicy nuggets to sink your teeth into. I am going for quantity and consistency here. I want to train myself to embrace my creative spirit with these exercises and you get to reap all the benefits. Should be fun—here we go.


I came up upon a street a few weeks ago whose name was BIG BEND. I never went down it until last week and then stopped short before going too far. Well today I went too far and had a little trouble getting back. On these runs, I am exploring places that are within running distance of my home. They are very close to me but I’ve never gone out far enough to get there. I get stuck in my usual routine of driving into town and never venture far from it. It’s almost like watching the same TV show episode every day of your life. Remember “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray?

If your life, or your artwork ever resembles GroundHog Day, you need a change, in a massive way!

Get off the couch, get out from behind the drawing board,
stop writing, stop painting and explore. LIVE LIFE, The more life you live, the more experiences you have to draw on.

The more that your path differs from the beaten path, the more unique experiences you will be able to get ideas from. This will set you apart. This will make what you have to say appealing to others. So that when you tell them your story, they will listen. No one wants the cookie cutter brand. LIVE LIFE. EXPLORE.

Once you have explored LIFE, and found some things you are passionate about, you can bring this to your work. And guess what, you can start exploring there as well.

You don’t have to paint the same way. You don’t have to use your formulaic writing technique, you don’t have to use you formula that you’ve been adapting to drawing or making comics. Go out on a limb. Challenge yourself. Be different, You never know what will come of it.

*RUNNING WITH COMICS LESSON: Venture out beyond your norm. The creativity lies outside your normal routine.