Time To Make the Comics Again


Getting up 3 or 4 times a week and going running is a little
monotonous, but the funny thing is that if you run the same time of day, and
follow the same path, and go up the same hills, you will not lose much weight.
Your muscles become accustomed to the workout. So you have to keep changing
your workout up by exercising different muscles, doing different exercises,
doing a long run, then do a short run, then rest a day. Then run again.

The transition to the comic world is an easy one, especially
for those in production. Typically, there are a few normal steps that you
generally step through when going from illustration to inking, to scanning, to
coloring, to prepress. It can be a clean and efficient process. It is what
enables books to be put out on a monthly basis. However, even these lean
running processes should be examined for ways of higher efficiency, or change
altogether for creative purposes. We saw a lot of experimentation with digital
inking, new computer coloring techniques, and even coloring on pencils in the
last couple of decades. The aspiring (and inspiring) artist and production team
should do what they can to always push the boundaries so their production team
muscles will be built and not get lackadaisical. .

Build your creative and production muscles by putting your routines in place, then seeing where you can change those routines every 3 or 4 months (or every couple of projects) to create better and more unique products.