How to Regain Confidence in you Narrative Art Comic Book Career

Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR
Episode 35: Meg

We can learn some good lessons from Meg on how to be a good narrative art comic book artist as she goes to school on what it takes to become an entertainer.


Sometimes we need a kickstart to refresh ourselves. Sometimes this can come from peers, sometimes this can happen intuitively, sometimes we need a refresher on the most important issues to us a small, amount of dedicated time can help revitalize those passions and talk with others trying to accomplish the same goal. What do you need a refresher on?


Meg’s comic instructor gives us all some worthwhile advice.

“Comics have a balance of humility and confidence. So, you have to fake confidence because most of us don’t have that. If they sense you are insecure, or want to be liked, or care what they think, they will not respect you. This business is all about fighting your fears. I put myself out there everyday. I get rejected constantly. And I have a very good career. You have to fight your fears.”


Ultimately, the class is only a tool, which will allow you to serve your purpose to get to your end goal. So grab the goods. Apply it to your current situation and get back out there.
You are the only one who knows what you you will need to be where you want to be.


No matter how you decide to rebuild you confidence, rebuild it. Whatever it takes to get there. Some helpful tips are what we just learned from Meg. Get peer review. Practice. Focus on your craft. Surround yourself with positive people. Have positive feedback. Know you aren’t alone. Know it is hard. Know you can do. You have everything you need to succeed, or at least you can get it.

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