The Real Way to Succeed in the Narrative Art Comic Book Community

If you are going to succeed in a narrative art comic book community, you must have the ideas that will capture the imagination of your buyers. I just watched the Transcendent Man documentary on Ray Kurzweil. You can watch it on Netflix.

The ideas of your narrative art comic book will be the lifeblood of your narrative art.

Ray Kurzweil has 24 patents on his inventions helping people. And his ideas are a little more than extreme, but that is what it takes to sell a good piece of narrative art. You have to think bigger, think different than 99.9% of the people out there.

Connecting your message with your reader helps you implant those ideas that you think today are impossible, but tomorrow, through the use of narrative art media, seem probable. Narrative art is the most powerful media on the planet to tell your story, communicate your idea, or sell your service.