How To Make Rapid Improvements in your Comic Book Skills

For some reason, artists and writers have a hard time overcoming the creator’s block. Sometimes we wait for everything to be perfect before we take ACTION on anything.
(writing) That character wouldn’t say that. (drawing) His nose doesn’t look right. (Marketing) I don’t even know what that word means. (Editing) Is this word used in the right context?”

Obviously, these things are important in quality, but if you are trying to increase your skills rapidly, this kind of thinking will only hold you back. Try this instead.

To get really good, really quick, you have to take ACTION.

My daughter is learning a VERB poem.

A verb shows ACTION there’s no doubt.
It tells what the subject does like SING and SHOUT.
Action verbs are fun to do. Now CLAP your hands
and join our rhyme; SAY those verbs In record time!
WIGGLE, JIGGLE , TURN around; RAISE your arms and STOMP the ground.
SHAKE your finger and WINK you eye: WAVE those action verbs good-bye.

If you had done all those actions in the poem it would have taken you about
10 seconds. Chances are you did not do any one of them.
Go back. Read the poem and do the actions.

If you can’t get in the habit of doing things quickly. And implementing things quickly as soon as you learn them. You will have a hard time growning quickly and being productive super fast.

Anytime you get stuck in something you can’t quite figure out. Learn this poem. Do the actions. Then UNSTICK yourself by comin up with a quick solution, or MOVE on to something else. Nothing has to be perfect. So skip the part of being stuck. Go onto to a part that you aren’t stuck on. Come back to it later, or just keep going forward and never go back to it. It will work itself out when you are ready.

If you have seen LIMITLESS, you will remember the part where the hero was working on a novel and never could write anything. And then when he went LIMITLESS, he finished the novel in like 4 days.

The point. TAKE ACTION.

Tomorrow on FAILURE CLUB FRIDAY. I’m going to share with you some FAILURES for not taking ACTION. Trust me. You want to take ACTION. It will help you make rapid improvements in your comic book skills.