How to Ramp Up Your Comic Book Leadership

The results are in. February’s numbers achieved the 3rd highest rankings in the site’s history. But the ramp is starting to lose momentum. We broke the 172 mark. Very short of the 300 goal. So we will try to hit 300 for march. I’ve got a couple of neat events I’d like you to get involved with for march. One is a biggest loser competition. I’ve got some dates for you on the exact weigh-INS. I’ll be posting later, but also, I’m planning a st Patricks day Webinar I’d like to invite you to. More on this later. Typically, only the people on my mailing list get invited to these things, so drop me your email in the box to the right and then you’ll be in the know when we go forward.

I’ll tell you–I’m typing this post on my iPhone because webhad a storm and all of our Internet lines are down from our service provider. This came at a bad time so I was not able to drive as much traffic to the site yesterday as I hoped, but a good leader doesn’t let anything stop him.

The number goal is pretty pointless as a goal, but it does let you know how you are faring with your audience.

I want to show you through march how we are going to head to this 300 goal. On Tuesday I’ll lay out this whole plan and try to keep myself accountable to you . Hopefully, Internet will be up and running by then.

The post today wanted to show you how to ramp up your comic book leadership.

First, don’t let anything get you down.
I can let the fact that my numbers are small and starting to flatline get me down and I quit altogether. Or I can say that I’m getting a base of support under me to take me to that next level. Yesterday, was leap day. And I wanted to send an email out about how leap day should be special because it happens every 4 years you should make that a day where you take a leap of faith and do something you wouldn’t want to do. But the Internet was down and I didnt get to it. No worries…roll with the punches.

Second, take the facts for what they are, just facts. Don’t read into them what isn’t there. I have 172 visitors on my site last month. This is the 3rd largest number of visitors with no blog launch promotion. (I did launch a promo to my email list) all of this traffic is based on daily updates of my blog. After a launch, I always feel a sharp decline in the number of visitors ( I suppose that is to be expected) but I have a base under me now that should help me recover from launches quicker. That base– is me blogging everyday.

Third–keep going. You won’t get anywhere if you quit. When I do failed launches that produce no results it’s incredibly disheartening. But the reality is is it’s not only disheartening to me, but I haven’t connected with my fans, so it is disheartening to them too. They don’t have a way to connect with me and get the tools that will help them in their career. If I quit, they will probably never get the help they need to be a profitable artistic leader.

There are many more things to ramp up your comic book leadership, but not letting anything get you down, looking at the facts for what they are, and keep going are three powerful mind set tips to get you started.