How To Quit Going Around in Circles in you Comic Book Career

Over the last month, we have looked at 3 of Ben Franklin’s Habits of 13 in which we call for a cleaner environment in ORDER, RESOLUTION, and CLEANLINESS.

I took these tasks on so I could get things cleaned out in my life, my head, and my home.

These results were minimal at best for me. It seemed every chance I got to go forward in these issues, my mind would think of a more productive tasks to do. No matter how hard I wanted to clean the house and straighten my sock drawer, I think internally, I know it will not benefit me monetarily and I┬ádon’t really want to do it.

I do want to live clean and have things in their place and take showers and be clean etc. But with so much going on in my business right now that needs attention. I find myself putting these things off again.

I tackled these subjects because I thought I was ready for it, but after 4 weeks and no end in site, I can either keep pushing against the normal flow of my business or I can embrace what I can and emerge (hopefully for the better) on the other side…at least knowing that these three habits are out there to be learned.

Hopefully, it has helped you a little. This next week we will be moving on to some new topics that instead of wishing them fulfilled, will be things I am currently involved in my own business right now. that I better pay attention to.

How do I quit going around in circles in my Comic Book Career? I take time to reflect. Look back to where I was. Reevaluate where I’m going. Do this once a month at least, or you won’t know where you are when the storms settle down.