How To Get Over People Telling You Your Comics Suck.

There is a lot of powerful forces in this world. I want to talk about two particulary powerful forces that I’ve noticed in my life. One is Gravity. Two is the critique from other people about our creative endeavors. Read this for a new perspective. And maybe neither force will hold you down.When you think about gravity what do you think can break it? I think of rockets and powerful engines going through space with all the power that we can muster. To bravely go where no one has gone before. Like gravity pushing on the earth, the same kind of force can be felt when someone doesn’t think your work is as great as you think it is. You’ve spent all your hard work, your energy into something and they try to push you down for it. They discredit you.

It’s like falling off a cliff and hitting rock bottom. Gravity at work again.


To fight the notion that we aren’t good we may throw a fit, say “You don’t know whay you’re talking about”, we may punch that person in the nose, or more than likely we turn inward and stop working. “Maybe, they’re right. I’m not good at all.” All that fighting, bickering, complaining, self-doubt, leads to personal destruction. Probably not the best way to handle things.

Let’s take another look at gravity. As I see it, it doesn’t take that much to actually overcome gravity. Look. You used to be a tiny baby, now you are growing into an adult. Not much holding you in that small form. And check out those Giant Redwoods. They are rooted firmly in the ground and yet they push their way skyward–ignoring the greater part of gravity all together. But look deeper, even the smallest dandelion seed grows up — not down– and can actually fly in the wind when blown.

When we are rooted in the things that matter–when we have a firm foundation for our life of where we are and where we are going–those things people say that try to bring us down are not as harmful as we may make them out to be. We actually amplify the hurt by retaliating.

So what should we do? Ignore them?

Take what they say as an opportunity for growth. What they may mean for harm, turn it to good. How can you wiggle and grow from that experience? Maybe they are right. Maybe you need to learn something. Or maybe they don’t know what they are talking about. Root yourself in the good of what is feeding you. Firmly understand what you want to give to this world. Pick up only good nutrients that will help you to grow. All that other stuff–leave as fertilizer.


Plant yourself in good things with good people who want to see you grow.
Honestly look at what someone says and decide if you should listen to them or not.
When in doubt seek help from the people who know you the best.
Use every opportunity to grow.