How to Overcome your Procrastination to Ship

Marketing is a beast.

The biggest beast about it is having to continually ship products that you don’t know are ready, you don’t know if people will buy, and you won’t know if they care. Now you can spend hundreds of millions of dollars and spend eight years on research and product testing like these guys or just ship and put something out there and see if it is good or not.

At this point in my online publishing career, I have produced about 20 products and have only shipped about 3. What’s wrong with me? The same that’s wrong with you, I suppose…
procrastination, obsession with detail, pouring over the hopes of a better tomorrow while today passes you by.

Shipping your products to give it time to develop in a marketplace and get some social buzz is a way to save you time and money and help you invest in your products in the future. It doesn’t seem right to waste all your time and energy in producing focus groups when you could just as easily be selling your product to those focus groups.

I think it is funny that in all the time and energy we spend on learning the right ways to go about shipping products or creating products, or selling products–everything changes. It makes all that we’ve learned almost pointless. In the words of Yoda, “you must unlearn, what you have learned.” If we could unlearn all we learn everyday, it may be a better world in our individual effort to ship products.

One might try to test the market with advertising and marketing with our story instead of with our product. Imagine telling a great story about your successes and failure with the products that you can imagine having before you get to create the product.

Just ship already. Put the idea out there. Your idea is worth more than the product anyway. Once people fall in love with your idea, give them their product and they will love it. To help you do that, produce more narrative art novels to showcase your specific idea and share it with the world.

Produce the ideas.

In my concentrated efforts to help me ship more of my products, I am constantly focused on building 3 funnels of traffic to my site.
1. people learning to create narrative art novels.
2. people creating and selling narrative art novels.
3. people selling ideas and products through narrative art novels.

If you need any of these services you may want to download a copy of the Marketing Millionaires Guide to Building Buyer’s Buzz. which is done, but I can’t bring myself to ship it just yet… What’s wrong with me?