How To Overcome The Obstacles of A Comic Book Creator

I’ve been wondering why people make excuses for not living their life to the fullest. I don’t know if they run into obstacles and just quit, or if they are scared, or there is self-doubt. What is it that causes some people to push ahead and other people to sit in their almost non-existant life for years and go through the motions without even seeing LIFE happening right in front them.

Well, today I want to talk about the obstacles. I’ve been reflecting on all the excuses I keep making for not running, not going out, not taking the first step, and hopefully, provide you some motivation to get you over the hump.

I’ve made a list of all the things I hate about running, and all the things that should have kept me from winning this prize or entering the contest already.

I’m already too skinny.
Stepping in puddles
Running with soggy shoes.
Getting Up In the Morning.
Bleeding Nipples
Foot Blisters
Dead Things In The Road
It’s Hot.
It’s Not Easy.
It’s Smelly.
There Is Rivers Blocking My Path.
It’s Raining.
I’ll probably step in Cow Manure
I’ll die of heat stroke
Get Hit By a Car
Be Kidnapped
I tore my calf muscle
Vicious dogs attacked me.
A bull could gore me.
There’s no way around the river.
I don’t know where I’ll end up or how I’ll get home.

Here’s a picture of me Running With Comics In The Rain: (no audio)
(I said something to the effect of “I’m 5 miles into a 13 mile run and it’s starting to rain on me. Do I turn back or keep going? It’s going to be wet, so let’s keep going!” LOL)

The list could keep going I’m sure. But this list doesn’t matter. It may help to identify why we don’t want to do something and work our way around it, but what matters more is the list of reasons why I should go.

The people that make the biggest difference are those that don’t focus on the excuses.

The people the make the biggest difference focus on WHY they want to be the best.

So that’s the list of reasons I want you to tell me. Why should you ignore all your lame excuses and keep making comics?

Here’s my reasons for making comics:

Creative Avenues
Make money
Best time to be in the Media
Excellent Source of Creativity
Best Opportunity To Achieve Success
Best Method of Telling a Story
Best Method of Getting Your Ideas Known
Best Method of Communicating With Readers
Best Method of Engaging Your Audience
Best Method of Creating Active Response from Customers
Cheapest Plan for Advertising Your Product
Digital Solutions Make Your Comic Accessible by Anyone
Time Freedom
Financial Freedom
Creative Freedom
Workplace Freedom
Creative Collaboration

These are all reasons why I make comics. What’s your reasons for making comics, not making excuses, and NOT GIVING UP?