Over Deliver, Over Achieve, Under Deadline.

So how are you going to overdeliver, overachieve, and go under deadline with your comics? What I like to do, is WOW! my clients and my creators at every step of the process. If you think everything is good, how can it be great? If you think your story is great, how can the artist exceed the writer’s expectations? If you think your production values are terrific, what can make it even better?

Today’s Weight 145.6
Most miles so far: 27
Days Left: 10
Goal weight: 130

Went on my marathon run on Friday and third time is the charm. Got out 27 miles. It wasn’t pretty at the end. I’ll tell you, it got really hot! But we did it. My goal was to be here by June 14th, but I did it a week and half early. So my personal goal is already met, now all I have to do is win this competition.

I can tell you, it is nice making your deadline well ahead of schedule, but unfortunately, some things aren’t that easy. I’ve still got a week and a half of work to do even though I met my goals. So we have to have a new goal–WIN the biggest loser and pocket some cash!

I ended up going 27 miles instead of the 26.2 because I wanted to make sure I hit the mark I was aiming for and went above. This is the same thing, we need to do for our comics. The audience, the client, and the creator all need to come away from a project thinking, “WOW, I can’t believe we made this thing be this good.” — And then when you look at it a year later, you are thinking, “WOW, this really was a good piece of production.”

Running With Comics Lesson: Give yourself, your client, your team, your customers, every bit of the love, quality, inspiration, hopefullness, excitement, adventure, and grit that can possibly muster. They will they thank you for it, and you will thank yourself for years to come.