The Natural Evolution of a Comic Book Creator

Today’s post is pretty powerful because it will not only be a huge timesaver in your life, but it also has life altering ramifications if you allow the words to seep into your soul and you allow your mindset to change.

Is your life experience so different from mine? See if you agree with this:

PART ONE- CREATIVITY Comic book creators at any level are genius in our own right. We have been given a gift. Something inside us from when are born inspires us to create. This is why we take interest in the world. From birth, we have this innate ability to create. We look at the world a little differently. We imagine “what if–“. We play.

PART TWO – EXPLORATION We create scenarios in our brain and seek ways to expresss that creativity through drawing, writing, playing, thinking, doing, we let our imaginations run wild.

PART THREE – LEARN We find those who have gone before us to stretch our imaginations. We read. We go to school. We understand. We practice.

PART FOUR – PRODUCE Finally all our of our learning takes shape and we can actually produce something that looks like what we want. We want to know who can use our gifts and our abilities. We try to use our skills and abilities for our benefit and the benefit of others. We try to get jobs. We engage and we continue to learn.

PART FIVE – QUESTION At some point we begin to question everything we learn. We ask, “Why am I doing this?” or “Is there a better way?” or “How can I make something that will change the world?” or “What can I do that will help the most people?”

PART SIX – INNOVATION Our thoughts, learning, education, practice, and skills eventually create a breakthrough in our lives that gives us our sense of self worth. Our purpose for living. We know there is nothing else that we would rather do with our time on the planet that will use our gifts, our creativity, and our mindset that will benefit ourselves and others.

PART SEVEN – CREATING A LEGACY OF SUCCESS Now that you know your life purpose, you continue to implement the things in your life that will fulfill your being. You are energized by utilizing your abilities. You are not tired of wanting to help others who benefit from your life. You are utterly fulfilled and successful. People are drawn to you. They want your art. They love you for you helping them make their own changes in their lives.

I came through ever single one of these steps. I always knew I wanted to make art. I went to school to learn. I took art and creative writing classes. I graduated high school with honors. I graduated college with a Studio Art degree. I went to the Kubert School. I got a job coloring comics, then I learned the production steps to make comics. Then I got a job producing independent comics. Then I got a job putting teams of people together to make comics. Then I got a job designing ads for comics. Then I got a job as a project manager and editor producing 4-6 books/ month, editing, coloring, lettering, designing, performing pre-press production, conceptualizing, brainstorming. Next in line in the company behind the owner, and the CEO.

Where can I go from here? I am at the top of my game.

Well, many books would sell and make the company lots of money. Other books would sit in the warehouse for ages. That’s when I entered stage 5. I got tired of watching all my team’s hard work sit in the warehouse. I started to question seeing the company drop thousands of dollars in printing costs and warehouse expenses. I started to question seeing beaten up returns from retailers sent back. I started to question why so many great comic book companies go out of business. So I’ve taken the next step in my journey.

I am dedicating myself to learn marketing and I am going to help as many people who want it to help that needs it. I want to make sure that your work will not be at the bottom rack of a comic shop. will not be stuck in a warehouse forever. Will be hanging out on the web not making you money. And will not be lining the pockets of the comic book companies BIG BOSS MEN while the creator struggles to get by.

Many of you reading this blog are somewhere between stage 3 and stage 5. No matter where you are, if you want to get to Stage 6 and Stage 7 the quickest. I can get you there.

We are entering a new age, my friends–An entrepreneurial age! Just like everything in history, things always repeat themselves. When the United States was first founded, people set up the colonies, people worked together to survive. People who were good at their craft flourished, and were successful. Our whole market economy got started and 90% of Americans were entrepreneurs. And through the internet, home-based business, and the down-sizing of almost every comic studio in the country, the time is here again for the individual to succeed greater than ever before.

We’ve heard this quote a thousand times, “The only constant in the world is change.” But how many of us allow the world around us to change, while we sit stagnant for years. Try flipping this quote around in your life. “The change in my life is constant.” Constant change. Constant growth. Constant learning. If you are proactive in your learning to change, and adapt, and grow in your own life, there is nothing that will stop you from being successful.

P. S. I am writing a PDF download, “The 7 Vital Components of a Comics Career For the Entreprenuerial Age”. I am writing this for you and I want your input.

What do you think is a VITAL COMPONENT for this New Entrepreneurial Age?

What do you need help with THE MOST as we are on the dawn of this new era of Comic Book Marketing?