The Value of the Narrative Art Marketing Systems

What systems do you operate on a daily basis. Have you ever thought about that? There are about a million systems in place in our everyday lives that we don’t even recognize. Look at our schedules, our education, our government, Wal-Mart, traffic lights. All systems set up for good … or evil… depending on your view of things. Look at our banking systems, our bodily systems, our habitual systems. Why do we set systems up? So we can control our behaviour. We voluntarily let systems influence us so that we can grow to be a better person. We go to school. We get a college degree. We get a job. We spend money. We embrace the economy. We live. We die. All a system.

Today marketing is going in a whole new direction because of the many technological systems that we can leverage to our favor. And the narrative art community better be ready to take advantage of it.

Narrative Art systems are systems that bring in prospective buyers looking for your work.

The good side of Narrative Art Systems–

It sells them automatically. It hooks them, pitches them, closes the sale, collects the money, all the while you keep working in your own system of generating narrative art and creating new systems to sell new narrative art. It is a wonderful feeling knowing you can take orders for prints and have thousands of salesmen selling your narrative art product everyday…all the while vacationing on the beach or working in your studio. Hassle-free.

The bad side of Narrative Art Systems–

Just like any societal systems, there can be ill results from systems using technology. The technology changes. The message becomes old. The owners of the systems change the rules. Nothing is set in stone. Even if you owned the system, you may decide to change the system to institute a better performing system.

How do you tell if a Narrative Art System is working or not?

Everything is measurable. You have to find a way to make your Narrative Art System measurable. The best thing I’ve found to measure it is with money. It is a number on a scoreboard. If I have money coming in, more than money going out, the system works. If I have more money going out then coming in, the system doesn’t work. Period. In many ways the whole “job” thing is a system. It’s set up so you can get money to spend on things you want. With jobs, you don’t mind spending. Without jobs, you hold a little tighter to the money because your system is broken.

How to make a new Narrative Art System

What do you do with a broken life system? You are creative. Sometimes life just needs a little tweak and the system works fine again. Othertimes, the system is corrupt and it’s best to throw the whole thing out and start anew. Be creative in finding new ways to make your system work for you. Here are some hints:

1. Own as much of the system as you can.
2. Develop as much of your own products to the system as you can.
3. Help others push as much of their products on your system as you can.
4. Charge the very most for the system that you can.
5. Spend as little fees to set up the system that you can.
6. Use as little time to maintain the system that you can.

The problems with old Narrative Art Systems

You can see how a job basically violates every single one of the systematic laws. You own nothing. You develop the company product. You have nothing to promote, so you can’t charge anything. Most people think that Law #5 is worth having the job because you don’t have to spend any money setting up the system, you basically get money for doing a little work. But you easily see how it violates Law #6. Most people trade our lives for our jobs. 40 hours our lives a week set up to keep our income flowing in. This is expensive in terms of hours of our life that we never get back.

The best Narrative Art Systems

Systems that engage people right where they are. That take them from casual observer, and skyrocket them to addictive fans. They are ready to purchase more and more and more. They want to see more and more. They allow the consumer to easily read, easily share, easily capture the thoughts in their head and get them out to all others in their little world.

The best Narrative Art Systems capture a person’s attention. Hooks them in. Allows them to see how they can tell their story and how easily others will be able to see their vision. It engages the reader through active adventure, curiosity, and humor. It engages their interest level.

Narrative Art Systems is simply the best way to tell your story, promote your ideas, or sell your product or service.