Narrative Art Marketing Sales Funnels for Comic Professionals

If you are going to make sales you are going to have to have people coming to your doors.

We know the process, people come to your store to buy what they want. The ads bring your customers to your store, they come in get what they want and now leave with a product they want and you get the money. It seems easy doesn’t it. This is a sales process.

But there are a lot of escape routes in this path. If you want solid sales, you will have to plug up those escape routes.

People escape the sales process, when they ignore the ad, when they don’t care what you are offer, run out of money, aren’t driven to purchase, coming to your shop to browse. And just don’t feel enough PAIN to buy your product.

I rarely buy any product if I don’t have to. I hate buying products. I hate buying cars, computers, houses, inevitably something goes wrong with all of these things, and I’m left with a pile of parts that sit around collecting dust within about 3 years. They all lose their value. So when I buy something. I’ve usually thought long and hard about the decision if I’m going to spend money on it.

Your customers are the same way. They have worked very hard for their money and they are not just going to blow it because you’ve asked them for your money. You have to create the atmosphere for them to hand over their money with ease. And they want to give you their money.

You do this by creating your sales funnels that make it easy for them to see the value and further want to explore your offer. As you build the funnels in you direct them through the sales process automatically, preclosing them on what they want to buy.

This gives them less distractions and it gives them more opportunity to want what you to offer.

Why do people spend $40,000 on cars that are going to be traded at 1/3 of the value in 3 years? Because they want it. Why don’t people buy your $3.00 comic book. Because they don’t want it. Simple right. Get the people who want to buy your stuff coming to you and make it really easy for them to buy.

So here is what I’m doing in my business right now and you’ll see it more and more on the site and I am going to be setting up sales funnels and delivering more products this month than I ever have before. I talked yesterday about shipping, so I really want to get my 20 products out here where people can see them and buy them.

What I am working on immediately is a Funnel for the Friday Failure Club: Face Your Fear. This is getting a lot of momentum as of late. I hope to have a new funnel set up at the end of the month for every day of the week.