How To Measure Comic Book Success

If you aren’t measuring your comic book success, how do you know you are getting better– or worse? You may just be spinning your wheels. To make sure you are consistently getting better in your comic book career, try putting some gauges of success so you can track your progress.

 There is a certain path I always run when I need to see how long I’ve been lapsing in my running training. I use a simple formula. If I make it up the hill I’m doing good. If I can’t, my training and my body is going backward.

When measuring your comic book success here is some measurables to keep in mind.

1. Money. Are you making more now than when you started out.
2. Contacts. Is your list of hiring contacts, growing or shrinking? (with many companies going out of business the last few years, what are you doing to combat this trend?)
3. Page Rate. Are you getting paid more to do less. This means you are more proficient and higher quality than your average talent.
4. Contracts. How many people seek you out to get you to do their work for them.
5. Skills. Is your level of proficiency increasing in what you do?
6. Education. Have you learned more talents in the last year than you knew before.
7. Sales. Are more people buying your work?
8. Marketing. Are more people coming to your Page, viewing your content, or signing up on your list?

If you don’t have any way to keep score, how will know you are not just going around in circles. Get a map. Follow it. If you want some specific direction, it may be a good idea
to get some help that will help you reach that next level of success in your business.

What traits do you measure?