How to Use Marketing Leverage to You Advantage

What in the world is leverage and why do you want it?

If you want to lift a boulder, you can bring 4 or 5 guys over there and try to lift it and carry it downhill, or you can put a big board under the boulder. You can push down on the board. The board lifts the rock. That is leverage. When you push down a little. The power of leverage lifts the boulder.

Less work. Get more done.

Well, remember that Graphic Novel you spent the last 3 years creating. That is leverage. It is anything that you’ve completed of value that can be given away or sold. Once you’ve created it, you don’t want to create it again. You want to sell it. You want to sell it consistently and continually. Once you’ve sold it you can give it away to sell your next item. And look at that…just like that you’ve got some leverage to sell your next product.

If you go into a negotiation deal, and you’ve been hired to paint the Sistine Chapel, you have some leverage when asked to paint a Basilica.

All of your experience, power, and talent can be used to bump up your self-worth. This will make you more valuable to either future employers or to future customers. They want to buy from people of value. If you are valuable, they want that value, because you will increase their value.