Leading the Narrative Art Comic Book Media By Producing Teams

The term is relatively counterintuitive. How can one lead the narrative art comic book industry while everyone else is working hard? The answer is by forming teams of people united for a common mission that will do the work to push a movement forward.

We all produce. We all lead. How can you lead? Produce teams of leaders.

Typically when we think of comic book narrative art teams, we think of editors, artists, writers, inkers, colorists, letters, designers, printers, publishers, distributors, customers. I think includes about everyone.

The idea that you are leading yourself as well as others is a difficult concept to grasp, but it is very apparent as one creative passes their work to another creative. The work they get guides them in the direction they need to go. The same is true with leadership work. We create ideas and see if people can embrace them as their own so we can successfully build teams to propel a movement forward.

We cannot do anything alone. The work must be unified. The struggle comes from people developing their own agenda to work feverishly toward their own end. Typically, this always follows the money. Those who have money pay other people to work. They are the leaders. We follow their agenda and they give us money.

By creating ways in which each of us lead in our own way toward producing a greater movement, we will all be owners. We will all be leaders. We can all work together.

Blazing trails is rough. Individual mentality must give way to team mentality… even if you are an artistic entrepreneur.