Leadership for the Entrepreneurial Age

I’ve been focusing on finding leaders of all areas that I can learn from to make this the best site I can make for information and teaching, and learning and knowledge from some of the best leaders of the world.

One of the best leaders significantly that has made a big impact on my life is John Maxwell. I have learned from many great leaders and I would like to share a little bit from everyone I learn from over time, but for today, I will start with some of John Maxwell’s statement: EVERYTHING RISES AND FALLS on LEADERSHIP.

It saddens me to see the state of the comic book media in that state that it is in right now. Especially when Narrative Art is the most powerful media on the planet to get your audience to tell your story, communicate your ideas, and sell your product or service for you.

Comics have messed up by taking their leadership cues from Marvel, DC and Image, instead of taking their leadership cues from leaders in other industries. One may call the comics industry cursed because of all the inbreeding going on. Obviously, when we have no answeres, we have to turn to other industries with the answers and then learn how to apply that to the comic book medium.

Once you become the leader of the comic book industry, people turn to you. The tide of success that Marvel and DC stays with them. But the industry grows because you now have a new offer on the table. Let me ask you. Would you want to go head-to-head with Marvel/Disney. or would you rather go where the people are waiting for you and they have almost never heard of Marvel/Disney? You could write your own check.

This is world we live in. You just have to see it and lead. Let’s go. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

If you don’t believe in the curse of comics, you may want to check this out.