How to Be a Leader in the Comic Book Industry

There are a million books on leadership. Many people will tell you different things. There are many things to learn to be a leader: ways to act, ways to influence, ways to communicate. You can develop all these skills. I think to be a leader in the comic book industry and maybe all industries. There is one thing you must do that tops all others. The one thing you have to be willing to do is solve problems.

I remember when I was in the 7th grade, and trying to figure out what I needed to be when I grow up. I knew that everything the world needed had already been invented and then along came the Nintendo Entertainment System. How is that possible?

Of course, since then we have gotten cel phones, laptops, ipads, etc. etc.

All these products solves a problem. What are little boys supposed to do in their free time? How do we take our telephone with us? Wouldn’t it be great if we could watch movies, play games, get our work done and bring our entire comic collection with us wherever we went?

The changes facing our industry too are likely going to be the result of another group of people who want to solve a problems. What are the problems facing your readers? What could you make easier for them? What obstacle can you help them overcome?

If you solve your problems, chances are someone else has the same problem as you. Overcome that problem. Share your knowledge. Become a leader.

Helping people solve their problems will make you a great leader in the comic book industry.

The biggest problems facing the industry:
*unacceptability of the medium for the main stream.
*small incomes for comic book creators.
*ability of creators to sell their work.
*lack of marketing knowledge in the comic book community.

What other problems do you see? Let’s start solving them.