Kankyo Kaizen Thank You

To be the best at something you have to get better at it everyday. Kankyo Kaizen is  a Japanese term that refers to getting a little better at something everyday so that you will be where you want to be in the future. We probably all want this at some level. We want better relationships, we want to make better artwork, we want to make more money, we want a cleaner home, we want to be smarter, we want our kids to listen to us. Whatever. The only way to get better at something is by step-by-step improvements of yourself to get you where you want to go.

I am not by nature a great leader. I am lazy, I like to only work when I feel inspired, however, I do put my full attention to it when the time to work is here, because I like what I do–as long as I am motivated to do it.


Small incremental changes is how I was able to lose 22.76% of my body weight last year. Small incremental changes is how I was able to run 34 miles on September 11th last year.
Small incremental changes is how I was able to build a 666 people following on Twitter in one month last year.
Small incremental changes is how I was able to finally put out my projects How To Break Into Comics Without Hurting Anybody, The Seven Principles of a Comic Book Entrepreneur, the 5 Pains of Marketing, and a 20,000 word Vision for the future of the comic industry.


I read Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography last year and it, he addresses 13 characteristics that he finds beneficial to human beings. Well, Simpleology.com has now added these 13 characteristics and you can customize them to focus on getting better at each trait, everyday.

If I want to write, learn something, draw, market, whatever, I just focus on that and measure myself everyday to see how I’m doing. Eventually, I hope to master a new skill, and become so proficient that I will be a better person, have a better talent, or be able to outperform any competition, I may have.


Hopefully you will be able to implement this into what you are doing. Over the next few weeks, I’ll go into some of the traits Benjamin Franklin deems as appropriate for us to be better people. From my experience, if I can be a better person, I can attract a better quality of person to me. I always want to follow people who know more than me and are better than me, so that I can become better too. Who wants to stay the same. Let’s continually get better.

So if this interests you, check back every Sunday as we engage on this journey to get better at the things that are constantly holding us back.