How to Increase Your Comic Book Creator Value

Whether you are looking for to get a comic book fan, a comic book job, or to sell your own comic books, you have to keep increasing your value so you will have more value to give to others. You can increase your comic book creator value by increasing your comic book creation and marketing skills, comic book creator knowledge, and comic book training. It is best to increase your comic book creator value as quickly as possible for the long term benefit of you and those around you.

Increasing your Comic Book Skills

You think the more work you do increases your skills? You are right. If you continue to practice drawing, or writing, or coloring, or editing, or inking, or marketing, you will get better. Learning new skills and putting them into practice and then teaching those skills to others is the best type of learning you can do. Increase those skills.

Increase your Comic Book Knowledge

I am surprised at how many comic book creators will continue to work with much effort to increase their skills, but chances are most of the problems they encounter have already been solved by other artists or other writers. Please seek out those more talented than you and learn from them. There is no use in reinventing the wheel. Find out what you want to learn. Learn it. Put it into Training.

Increase your Comic Book Training

Remember the grand mentors of the Renaissance passing on their craft. We go to art schools because we think we are getting all this grand knowledge from the masters, but most times, we are getting a broad base of education that doesn’t pinpoint what we are needing at the moment. When you want to learn something, find out what you want to learn. Seek the person who has done it. Learn from them. Then go get to your hands-on creative skill. This increases the quickness of your learning. Instead of taking four years, it may take 4 minutes, 4 days, or 4 weeks, depending on what you want to know.

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