How To Make Your Message Heard

If you are like me, you are always trying to make your message clear enough to the readers that they will understand what you are saying.

This is not always easy due to the noise in the environment, the noise in their head, and the noise that you add into your crafting your message. How do you get rid of the noise? How do you move your reader from sentence to sentence? How do you get your reader to follow your every word?

Let me tell you a story.

I was trying to get my daugter to take out the trash. I told her a story about a family who lived in a very large house, they had everything they wanted. They played with their toys everyday. They would eat their lunch. They would work hard at painting, drawing and learning math. The only thing they didn’t like to do was take out the trash, so they kept piling up the trash until it overflowed. Eventually, the trash covered the kitchen so they couldn’t eat their lunch. Then it flowed into their living room, so they couldn’t paint or draw or learn math. Then it flowed to the bedroom, where they couldn’t play with their toys. They had to actually sleep on a huge pile of trash.

She took out the trash.

If you want to make your message heard, tell a story.