How to Make a Webcomic

If you want to be a profitable leader of the comic book medium, you have to know HOW TO MAKE A WEBCOMIC.

If you are going to learn how to make a webcomic, you are going to have learn what others have done and how to learn from their successes and their mistakes. I want you to be a leader in knowing how to make a webcomic so you can show others how to make a webcomic.

FIRST: Invest in learning how others learned to make a webcomic.

SECOND: Follow what works for creators on how to make a webcomic.

THIRD: Don’t follow the mistakes they make when making webcomics.

My friend, Phil Hampton, of the Comic Academy is going to show you exactly how to Make a Webcomic from 6 video tutorial and interviews with 6 webcomic creators.

Check it out here: HOW TO MAKE A WEBCOMIC

To be a true leader on how to make webcomics, you have to lead. You have to go where no one has gone before. You have to be willing to sacrifice youself, to blaze the trail, to see if people are really going to get value out of what you offer them.

I want you to be a leader at making webcomics. I want you to blaze the trail to find the quickest way for you to make webcomics and start seeing profits.

The Comic Academy has laid it all out for you and is basically giving away this class on how to make a webcomic. You can find out all the details here. If you decide to buy this class for a measly $7, I am going to make it worth your while.


For the first 4 people that sign up for the Webcomic Marketing Masterclass on how to make a webcomic, I am going show give you a professional portfolio, script, or webcomic review to show you how to increase readability, drive traffic to you webcomic and get you started with personal coaching on how to make a comic. (A $47 value)

For the first 9 people that sign up I am going to give you special access to my now off-the-market INDEPENDENT’s DAY webinar. In this 3 part series stocked with hours of content. I will show you how you can make webcomics profitable, how to set up your own distribution centers so you don’t have to pay people to do this for you. And I show you how to get 1000s of raving fans to your website, ready to buy whatever you want to sell to them. (Currently this is undervalued at $47. When I release it again next summer, it will probably be released at $197)

And I’m giving it all to you when you buy this $7 program on how to make a webcomic. It has a complete 60-day money-back guarantee. If you end up refunding everything. You can still keep all of my bonuses for free.

Why do I want to help you make webcomics so much?

I want you to be a leader. I want to grow you as a leader so you can be valuable to others and help them achieve their dreams. It’s what I do. Go here now:


Leaders blaze the trail. Leaders look and see if things are worthwhile or not. They scope out the value of things and see where they can help others. I want to help you.

I’ve heard a story about leadership that I would like to share with you. Leaders have to move people from where they are to where they want to go. I want you to blaze this trail so you will be a leader and have the knowledge so that you can teach people how to make their own webcomic.

Some leaders see leadership like this story of two mountains. The leader wants people to go from the mountain on snow, ice and dirt to a mountain full of flowers, grass and water. So the leader gets some help to build a bridge from the dirty, snowy mountain to the grassy, flowery mountain.

People do not want to move over the bridge because they are complacent and happy with their dirty homes and their lifestyle. They think they will have allergies in that flower infested field. But the leader knows that if they don’t move, everyone will eventually get frostbite and die. The leader causes an avalanche that destroys their dirty homes and the people flee in terror across the bridge. Now they are in the beautiful place where they are meant to be.

Maybe you are happy not knowing how to make a webcomic or you want to struggle for years like the people who have come before you.

That’s why I do not agree with this type of leadership. The problem with this type of leadership is that it seems like the leader knows what is best for the people. In reality, each person knows what is best for them. A good leader will make the case for each person to suddenly get an AHA! moment as to why it is best for them to move across the bridge. Not everyone will want to go. And that is fine. What ever happened to the human spirit and relience? It is not for the leader to tell the people where to go. It is up for the leader to show the way and make a good case.

That’s why I am giving so much away. I want to help you in your journey on making webcomics. And I’m inviting you to come with me on this journey.

Some leaders think that the end justifies the means. The people are in a safe spot. And as long as the end result is accomplished, it doesn’t matter how you get there. In my opinion, life is all about the journey. The journey is either just as important or more important than getting to the end. The end is just another journey.

That’s why I am giving so much away. I want to help you in your journey on making webcomics. And I’m inviting you to come with me on this journey.


Phil makes a great case for going on the journey with him. I want you to go with us.