How to Lead Through Stories

Stories help us engage people and draw them in like no other tool can. When we apply these principles to any subject matter, we can make sure we will get our point across.

There is a triforce of stories that help us be a better leader.

Optimus Prime teaches us to be a Leader. He stood for values that were honest and true. He would fight for all costs. He failed. He won. He fought. He had hope. He had a vision. He had charisma. He protected those from harm. He had his priorities right. He would defend his beliefs at all costs. He would sacrifice his life for the benefit of society. Death could not hold him. His example lives on for future generations.

Spiderman Teaches us to fulfill our Destiny. What is our purpose in life? Why were you here? What makes you so special? Many people think they are not special and they have no point of existense. Spider-Man teaches us we are special and no matter who we are, no matter what happens to us, we have a destiny to fulfill. What’s your’s? With great power comes great responsibility. With great responsibility comes great power. With no power and no responsibility, no one cares about you. Find your power. Find your responsibility at all cost. Your destiny is waiting.

Story Number Three–STAR WARS STORY
Yoda teaches us to take Action. “Do or do not. There is no try.” If you are a leader, and if you have a destiny, DO NOT is not an option. Do. Go. Make your destiny a reality. Lead like your life is at stake, because it is. Take Action Now. Get your future now. I’ve got news for you. The you of the future begins today. And that you of the future is going to feel like he’s just getting started, too. You have a long journey ahead of you. If you don’t start now, when will you.

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