How To Handle Your Narrative Art Comic Book To-Do Lists

EPISODE 5 – To Do Or Not To Do

Friday Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR

It is always amazing to me that when you are on a particular journey in life, ideas of a similar nature tend to show up in abundance.  Simpleology just came out with a new LISTS feature. This week’s Failure Club was about how to make and handle To-Do Lists.

Step one: Pick Your Target

They talked about GOALS this week. I need a specific Goal. (Ill be talking more about this as the new year approaches) I think I would be extremely happy with ONE PAYING CONTRACT in 2012 and ONE sales contractor. But that will not allow my fail as big as I need to. That is the path to success. So to reach a greater success, I’ll have to fail bigger. If I’m going to fail. I’m going to fail tremendously. I think an ambitious goal would be to get 500 sales contrators in 2012 and 10 Client Contracts. I can’t even imagine that. We only had 3 contracts in 5 years at my other job. So yeah. I will definately be able to fail at that. Let’s give that a shot: 500 Sales Contractors and 10 Client Contracts.

Step TWO: List everything you need to do.

This Friday Failure Club was very exciting. One person is like me who is a huge procrastinator and can’t even make any TO DO lists. Another is like me in that she planned an immense organizational chart like she was working for the feds or something. Both of these characteristics show up in my life sometimes.

The organized one said something that was very profound to me. She said she was scared of her customers and her workers. That seems silly, doesn’t it? If you are a creative and starting out, you probably think that you are the only one scared when you go to present your treatment or your portfolio. But your editor had to be new at his job too back when he first started.  No one is comfortable in a  new situation. That’s what makes it so exciting. Embrace it.

What are you scared of today? How are you going to move yourself forward?
Make that list. Put the things in order you need to do and Git-R-Done.

Step THREE: Scrap everything on your TO DO that doesn’t benefit you taking one step closer to your target goal.

I dislike making TO DO Lists because that means I have TO DO the things on the list. Sometimes I don’t know if the thing I’m putting on the list is really what I should be doing.
If something gets on the LIST it gets done. But I think the real power of the TO DO List is to take those things off the LIST that are not going to get you to your goals.

Everyday, I have been trying to make lists, and check them off. People think that when you check off a list it is an accomplishment. I’ve been checking many things off my list. But I don’t think I’m making very much progress with my entrepreneurial endeavors. Perhaps I am spending my time not being productive.

Step FOUR: Take Action

This new business is very scary for me. I love to procrastinate. But I don’t procrastinate by not working. I procrastinate by working too much in the wrong directions. I think that is what Failure Club is all about. Trying to find what works and what doesn’t. I have about 4 products all almost done that I am just sitting on because new things start to take priority and my time as I put away products that I don’t think will be the best use of my time for now. I have to just push them forward to completion. If I don’t put anything out in the market, I’ll never get market reaction and the cycle could go on forever if I wanted. But it wouldn’t give me any results.

TO-DO LIST References

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