How to Connect Your Message to your Reader

For years, we would get a new editor at our newspaper. They would hold
a comics vote, and get to see which comics stayed and which comics left, so
they could get new comics into the paper and replace old comics that no one
read. Everytime Doonesbury would be cut from the list, there would immediately
the next week be a reprinted apology from the paper and Doonesbury would be
added back to the list. This is a responsive readership.

They showed that they bought the newspaper for Doonesbury and would require it to be in the paper. I wonder if the newpaper business would be in as much trouble today if instead of having the Comic Page, we would just have comics scattered all throughout the newspaper.

Doonsebury in the World Section, Cathy, Peanuts, and Better For Worse in the
Life Section, Dilbert in the Business Section, Garfield and Marmaduke in the
Pet section. When I was a kid, I only read the comic section, maybe I would
have read more and been influenced more by other parts of the paper it the “FUNNIES”
would make life a little funnier.

Remember when Calvin and Hobbes got to run an entire HALF PAGE in the paper. Now in our city, the Sunday Comics run at half-size and they cram them all onto one sheet.

Spice your message up with stories and pictures that they can relate to. Combine the fun with your message and you’ll get an active reader response.

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