How to be and Expert Narrative Art Comic Book Marketer

Episode 23: JESSICA

Friday Failure Club: FACE YOUR FEAR

Jessica’s Goal is to have 100 paid catering gigs by the first of the year. From scratch to 100. From not even starting to having a profitable business. How many of us feel like we haven’t even got our feet off the floor yet? And to turn it into a profitable business within a year, Oh my gosh this seems so overwhelming. Look at these quick tips and insights that will propell you further than ever in making your narrative art comic book marketing a reality.

“I had my first supper club. No one paid.”

Jessica later justified this as being an advertising expense. To test the idea. It is best to test. Put it out there and see what happens. She made a lot of mistakes, but she wouldn’t even know what mistakes could be made if she didn’t try. So try. Go do it. Make something happen.

“You’re not a business person.”

People say all sorts of things to make you stop doing what you want to do. Don’t listen to them. Do what your heart tells you to do. And just do it. Operate out of the stregths you have and learn new skills as you need them.

“They don’t think it’s possible.”

It doesn’t really matter what they think. It only matters what you think. Is it practical? maybe not. Is it probably? no. Is it possible? Yes! Instead of saying no right away, say how is it possible.

“Having 100 catered gigs is what’s preparing me to get there.”

The you of the future begins today. You won’t be who you want to be later if you don’t start right now.

Hearth & Table — Heart Hand Table. Great Graphic Design

I love this name and this design. Her husband will probably get work from this showcase of his skills. Always seek help. Always partner with those who can help. I got some good designs for GOLD RUSH because an artist believed in what we could accomplish. Barter. Share your talents. Each person benefits.

“Walking in with my card and organized. They thought I was professional”

Are you professional? Have you done anything like this before? There is only one person you have to convince–yourself. Once you see yourself as an expert in a category, you can do it. This is the biggest fear to overcome. If you don’t see yourself as expert, you won’t be. So fake it with authority. Everything else just comes to you along the journey.

Life is a journey. Take advantage of the opportunities. Jessica would not have found that catering gig if she had not been looking for help. She literally fell into it. She’s scared, too. Her dream is starting to come true. It is those little steps that push us toward our dream.

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