How To Not Fail in Your Narrative Art Marketing

Episode 31: Jessica

Failure Club: Face Your Fear

This is the first 2-part episode of Failure Club, I’ve seen–with back-to-back episodes of the same person. The show must be getting more attraction, because they keep improving on its look and the way they put the episodes out. More audience = more money. It is exciting to see people succeed in their endeavors, it is funny to watch them fail. That is why most people don’t like to try. Fear of Failure. Don’t try, you already fail.

“It’s a very debilitating thing for me to possibly, miserably fail.”

What have you tried to fail at? Narrative Art marketing? Raising your kids? Enjoying life? Eating healthier? Exercising? I have found it helpful to try to succeed by focusing on succeeding for just for a few weeks, give it your all. If you like it, try it for a few more weeks. If you like that try it for a few more. Eventually, you will come to grips that it will okay if you fail. Or you will succeed by perservering no matter what, but at least you gave yourself the opportunity. 

“I want to walk away from every job that I do, knowing that I did the best that I can. I am proud of what I did here tonight. Amy gave me this great opportunity, and I think she is a lot more flexible than a lot of people will be. Next time there’s a lot that I have to change.”

I was so excited Jessica pulled this off. It may be something she never wants to do again. I wish they had taste-sensor TV so I could actually try some of those recipes. They look yummy. Perhaps, I’m just too far on my diet. …

Any narrative art job you do, you want to do the best you can. But chances are, you will do better with other people. If you don’t have other people helping you, I don’t see how you will be able to succeed.

You can fail by yourself, but succeed takes people coming along with you. To get more people helping you, you may wish to download Dream Streaming Teams.