How to Host a Friday the 13th Hodge Podge Blog

Friday the 13th — Failure Club.

Have you seen Monty Python’s Holy Grail…at SWAMP CASTLE..?
Here’s an epic failure. Took they guy 4 times to build a castle and it kept sinking in the swamp.

With Friday’s Failure Club, Eric came upon something we all face.
We can think how cool it would be to actually have what we want–to make a lot of money from our comics, but we have no idea how to do it, how to get it, how to make it happen. Just like the people in failure club, it doesn’t have to be big, and it sure isn’t going to be luck that gets you through. It is going to be will, planned activity, and scientific determination.


I hit a milestone this week. Remember when we had that story that our dad’s would tell us when we were kids, that “if you did this when you grow up, son, you will be able to get whatever you want in life and even if you don’t, I’ll still be proud of you.”

I really didn’t know what he meant and I forgot most of the details of the story, but I remember he told me. and the time I had with him was important….really wish I had paid attention… :-)

You’ll want to make sure you pay attention to the story, because your entire future will depend on it. But like me you’ll probably forget it, so I have to find a way to MAKE SURE your remember it. hmmm — I’ll probably have to make you pay for it. I read an a line today that said if you people don’t pay, they don’t pay attention. I hate that it is true, because I love giving a lot of value for free. But when it is such urgent information to the benefit of your future, I may have to charge for it. We’ll see.


One phrase that stands out me on last week’s FAILURE CLUB was “when you lose someone in your life, you have to find someone to fill that giant hole they left behind.” My sister moved to Florida recently so I don’t have a running buddy on Saturday anymore. I have to fill that hole, I did sign up for a marathon for October 14th, 2012 First official race, I’ve been in. Hopefully, I’ll be able to meet a lot of runners this year to get me prepared to tackle the challenge. I missed it last year, even though I was so excited to go, I had other opportunities. I wonder if I’ll stay dedicated this year long enough to see it through.

This blog post will probably be seen as an epic Failure, I’ve talked about a whole lot of things in my life, none of it makes much sense, and it’s all scrambled up in my head.

Sometimes life is like that. Maybe because of Friday the 13th.