Helpful Distribution of Comic Book by Narrative Art Marketing

Everybody who’s anybody in comics uses Diamond to ship to the comic book market, right? Not everybody. Now there is companies you can distribute directly to via ipad and digital comics, but the best form of distribution is going to be to build your own sales team. This is through a network of comic book fans that love your work. Word of mouth is a powerful medium still used today.

They call this type of distribution affiliate distribution and the good news is you can make money from the sales of someone else’s products. If you like the product, you can sell it and you get a commission. When you add the sales funnel to the process, you can actually earn affiliate commissions on autopilot.

Here is what I am doing in my business right now. I am promoting Phil Hampton’s WebComic Marketing Masterclass and his Comic Creator’s success secrets. If you buy from my link, you get a great product from Phil. You get a great product from me, and Phil and I split the commissions. You can do the same with your narrative art comic books when selling to your fans.